Think Pink

It's always been a source of frustration for me that I haven't done enough on social media to support charitable causes, which is why I got pretty excited when asked by the Hong Kong Cancer Fund to support their Pink Revolution campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October- and all I had to do was put on my new favourite vintage boiler suit. 

In Hong Kong alone, 1 in 17 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and it is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Pink Revolution is Hong Kong's largest and most comprehensive breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign, and I think it's really critical to stress the importance of regular breast checks and support for the Fund's free breast cancer care services to support those who are fighting through it. If you're from HK, you can sponsor a Pink Recovery Pack sent to the bedsides of those who have just undergone surgery, and find more ways to support the Fund on their website including dressing pink on Friday October 21st. 

I found this bubblegum pink dream of a jumpsuit in a vintage store in London but let's be honest, I would find any excuse to put this on. Join me on the 21st and bust out your favourite pink dress/jumper/accessories etc. to show your support for the cause :-)

My jumpsuit is vintage, and my shoes are from Axel Arigato. Photographed by my mum.

If you'd like to show your support for the cause on social media, feel free to use these hashtags:

#hongkongcancerfund #dresspinkday #breastcheck

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Barcelona: 35mm

I wasn't really sure how to share my photos from my trip to Barcelona in a way that would do the city any kind of justice. I didn't take too many to begin with, but I fell in love with Barcelona in a way that perhaps can only be conveyed through a complete sensory experience; red wine and some kind of tapas + sunshine and salt water + all of its beautiful colours + good spanish guitar if I'm going to be all Vicky Cristina Barcelona. But alas I can't do that (yet) on this website (quite frustrating, as everyone thought we would have flying cars by now and all i want to do is share my food with you guys) so I'm going to have to accept the limiting parameters of a blog and post these here for now... I guess they'll do :-) More on my trip as well as recommendations for food/drink/hotels/sightseeing etc. will all be posted with my digital photos, which my computer won't let me edit yet because of a disk problem. In the mean time, have a lovely weekend!! Let's all pretend we're in Barcelona eating seafood and swimming on the beach together.


Summer Threads

Summer things, shot by Peter on an adventure in Hong Kong's heat. I'm actually back in London right now, but by the time you read this I'll be in Barcelona for a few days of tapas and museums with the family- I'm so excited! It's my first time in Spain and I would love to hear your favourite spots in the city for exploring/ eating/ shopping etc.

Dress c/o Privacy Please via REVOLVE, Anne Thomas sandals.

Bodysuit c/o Privacy Please via REVOLVE, vintage Levis, Anne Thomas Sandals. 



I guess I'm starting to blur the lines between laziness and nonchalance... that's what summer does to you when you can't be bothered to wear anything more than a slinky slip and sandals. Oh, and this Loveless bag by McQ which has become my vehicle of choice as of late. The perfect amalgamation of a tough-girl bag and utilitarian camera bag kind of deal, in which I can hold even the most ridiculous of summer necessities (yes, 3 rolls of film, a litre of water and a bag of Cheez-its are very much necessary). It also fills the shoes of that cool kid backpack you never had...remember how at one point your coolness in primary school was measured by how low you wore your backpack to avoid looking like a ninja turtle and probably not doing much for back and shoulder support? Reliving that with this bag and not complaining.

As far as life updates go, I've been interning for the past month (hence the blog hiatus) but hopefully I will be able to post more from now on...In other news, I have taken a new liking to hot yoga and muay thai, the latter of which has given me a bruise the size of Texas on my left shin though I would highly recommend both. I've also made my snapchat public (correction: finally gave in) and if you would like live updates of my dog you can help yourselves (or not, but my username is zosuen). 
Lastly, I've decided that I want to do so more with this platform and have been a little frustrated as to how to do it, so I'm asking you guys; think sustainability in fashion and women's rights. What would you guys like to see more of and how??? Help your girl out.

Wearing a dress by objects without meaning, McQ Loveless bag and Anne Thomas shoes. 

Shot by Hoi Cheung Wong.