Playlist: Week 18/05/15 + Shopbop Sale

Apologies for the absence; as it turns out, post-exam life is neither stress-free nor abundant in free time. I've been stressing out over getting my things into storage for next year (a.k.a. nightmare for all hoarders and clutter-philiacs alike), as well as looking for somewhere to live next year and prepping for a short Amsterdam trip with the parents. To make up for it I've made a selection of my favourite things from the latest Shopbop Sale, and a little playlist to go with it; see it as a celebratory spree for those of you who are done with exams, or a pre-ward for those of you who are about to. And if you don't have exams on your calendar at all that is also something worth celebrating. You'll thank me later (this is when i try to wink but end up looking like i have a twig in my eye). P.S. the widget below for my picks from the sale are only viewable if you disable adblocker! 

aaaand my picks from the sale, starting with shoes:


and other clothing bits: 


Brighton Flashback

With the (very much welcome) end of exam period comes frequent moments of confusion as to the stress you feel even though you have absolutely, gloriously nothing to do. A kind of ritualised stress-imposing mechanism is still at work in my brain and whilst I finally got around to uploading this Brighton video (encountered some technical hiccups back when I meant to in March) it was nice to break out of my library-ridden daily routine and look back on a very platonic, but so much more memorable Valentines Day we spent in Brighton. Chai on the pier, bubbles and birds at sunset, very scary (no, really.) 'roller coaster' rides and the best lobster linguine you'll get for the price. As my school year ends I can safely say that these people in the following photos/video have added so much to my life in London, respectively and in their own special way. Hope you enjoy this flashback as much as I did! Sometimes, inefficient blogging can have its perks hey?

Photos by Bryant Lee and me (iPhone). Video taken on a Fujifilm xpro 1.


Playlist: Week 04/05/15

Behold...the ultimate study playlist. I know I made one already (two weeks ago) but that was more of a study-break appropriate mixtape, whilst this one is (hopefully) more of a zone-out, focus 150% kind of ordeal. I have no idea if you guys will find these tunes calming or helpful in anyway towards your study routine but they are what i've been listening to for the past week. Did my first exam yesterday and have three more to go, and am beyond excited to finish them as my parents are coming to London for a visit. We will also be going to Amsterdam for a short trip so if any of you are from there, comment below with some recommendations! P.S. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on my last post, you guys are great. Enjoy the tunes! A study-period love note from yours truly.

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Getting Lost

Before I left Hong Kong, I went around to some of my favourite spots with a new friend and his film cameras. Not really places to shop or eat or do anything constructive; we decided it would be nice to just explore as if getting lost despite how familiar those areas are to me now; sometimes taking photos helps you see things as if for the first time. 

As the days count down to my first exam and the quotidian pressures of academics become the prime focus of my daily routine I've realised that I no longer place a lot of focus (on this blog and otherwise) on what i wear. To be honest I've probably worn a variation of the outfit below more than 10 times in the past month; I no longer utilise blogging as a reason to dress up but rather a channel to post photos where i happen to be wearing things that I like and would wear anyway. The dress-up aspect of blogging has lost its appeal to me and I find this refreshing. I read your messages on my tumblr and in my inbox and I know that some of you miss my old posts where i used to construct more elaborate ensembles and shoots; I appreciate that you liked those and I don't regret shooting them but I feel like the direction I'm heading in is one where my style, as well as my blogging style, are becoming more relaxed. I still enjoy showing you guys my outfits but I've come to appreciate that blogging for me is not just a personalised online shopping catalogue. My ramblings aren't revolutionary in the sense that this trend of deviation from personal style posts is probably quite apparent; but i felt like writing something to you guys to say that I really enjoyed blogging like that in the past but am excited to continue on this site with a more relaxed style. 

I'm also quite excited about this post because I get to showcase some film photography that isn't my own. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you like them you can check out more of Hoi Cheung's photos here. I'm going to continue studying for my exams now but hope you like the photos :) Sorry for the wordy post; much love to you all, as always. 

All photos by Hoi Cheung Wong; Cameras: Klasse W / Minolta x700 / Polaroid / Fujifilm Instax. 

I'm wearing a top from COS, vintage Yohji Yamamoto men's trousers, sandals from COS and a bag from Straw the Label