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Vintage Jeans

Photos by Weronika.


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Warmer Days

There's a special kind of post-vacation depression syndrome you experience when you fly from LAX to London Heathrow and am greeted by the foggiest day of the year upon arrival. In an (albeit weak) attempt to regain some pre-winter mojo here are some photos i shot over the summer (which i have been sprinkling onto my IG feed occasionally) with appropriately named film photography connoisseur  Ocean in Hong Kong. We had a little adventure around Lamma Island, from splashing around at the beach to treating ourselves with my favourite cold tofu pudding (豆腐花). Meanwhile in real time, I'm stressed out and resorting to consoling myself with Christmas market plans and carbs;  speaking of stress, I will be posting my study-oriented post soon and if you have any last minute questions you can let me know on tumblr. Hope these photos ease you into some weather optimism before I bombard this space with LA shots...brace yourselves.

I'm wearing a J.H. Zane top and Fifth the Label culottes via BNKR

Photography by Ocean Wong.


Calm before the storm

Now that I've (kind of) caught up with settling down in London I can finally post more photos from the summer. Here are some shots Bry and I took at that highly-instagrammed swimming shed in Sai Wan, pre-storm (excuse the lack of a better post title; post-Intellectual Property Law lecture me is not feeling very creative). Wearing one of my favourite designers and casually holding a bowl of fish. Sending calming water vibes to your stressed-out mid-week brains. Thinking of doing a study tips/playlist post in the near future to soothe half-term agitations...thoughts? Leave a comment if there's anything in particular that you'd like addressed. 

Top and Culottes by J.H.ZANE
Photography by Bryant Lee


Taipei Video Diary

I'm starting to think that posting videos way overdue has become a habit for me simply because I'm never fully happy with them and just force myself to post them regardless (it's been four months). There's a fair amount of pressure when documenting your travels to do the city justice; especially when its one of your personal favourites. Editing a few months later always has its perks; it reignites all the warm fuzzy feelings and food babies and reminds you that in every travel video diary you do, you always manage to get the same kind of shots- I've got to try and film something other than profiles in cars. Dedicated to my travel companions and especially the one who couldn't make it because immigration is an asshole.