I've never been one for new year's resolutions. Part of it comes down to the fact that they usually involve things we should aspire to achieve regardless of the season, and also because they generally lose all persuasive force by the time March rolls around (or maybe I'm just weak). That being said, I don't deny the benefit of starting the year off on the right foot, especially when you can be adhering to one of said resolutions at the same time: to invest in more sustainable fashion brands. This is part two of my collaboration with Rêve En Vert shot by Roo and I had so much fun messing around and pretending I had guns, the fact that all these activewear companies are ethical and green was just the icing on the cake. I don't know what your resolutions are, but if you're like me and looking to extend your green-wardrobe aspirations beyond casualwear into activewear, look no further. See and shop the full edit on REV's site here, and here to shop their full activewear range. 

Photos by Roo Lewis / HMU by Flora Dickie / Wardrobe c/o REV


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Paris / Cuba Video Diary

I finally kind of got my shit together and edited / uploaded the clips I filmed a while back (*coughs* two months ago) when I went to Paris / Cuba with Chanel to see their Spring 2017 RTW show and shoot these photos (amongst others which I will post...soon, I promise!) in Cuba. It was a whirlwind of unhealthy breakfasts, camera juggling, car naps, and ubers (the latter strictly reserved for the Parisian majority of the trip) and I think this comes across pretty verbatim in the video (or at least as 'verbatim' as a video compilation can be in this context).

I tried to do something a little different this time around in terms of the filming/editing style so tell me what you think, but I did manage to film while I was in Paris (again!) last week with Chanel (again!) so there will be an old-school vibe-y video diary up soon for those of you who find my voice annoying (I agree) and want to return to the good old days of ambient music and a disproportionate blurry-non-blurry clip ratio. 


Dream Green

FYI, work doesn't really feel like work when it involves hanging out with a bunch of cool people in an East London studio, sipping tea and listening to Fleetwood Mac in a Baserange bra. 

I had the pleasure of styling/modelling in an editorial shot by the talented Roo Lewis for Rêve en Vert, a sustainable e-retailer based in London. I've been talking about creating more content to promote sustainable and ethical fashion so I'm really excited to be working with them and to share the end result with you guys. It feels so good to see those intentions materialise and I couldn't be happier that I got to do that with these guys in some amazing pieces by sustainable designers. 

See more (including a behind the scenes video) on REV's website here, and shop the looks here

REV was founded in 2013 and is a pioneer in retailing sustainable luxury through exclusively featuring designers who approach fashion with respect for people and the environment to change the overly consumptive habits commonly associated with the fashion industry. Through the brand tenets focusing on organic, fair, local and re-made fashion, REV's business practices are aimed at reducing the environmental impact through working with designers that source ethically and are aware of production details  and business operations. See more about the REV ethos here

We also shot some beautiful jewellery pieces by Pamela Love and Melissa Joy Manning- I love the look of a chunky cosy knit with delicate accessories. 

Styling and shooting these looks was a breeze; I'm a sucker for high-quality basics that don't compromise longevity for aesthetic appeal, and the comfort of good fabric (and a happy conscience) are bonuses. My favourite piece was probably the Christopher Raeburn embroidered bomber, but I'm also partial to the cashmere leggings (a.k.a. comfort personified). This was also my first time doing a studio shoot with a film photographer and Roo was a dream to work with- his work is really great and inspiring to a film novice like myself. 

Photos by Roo Lewis / HMU by Flora Dickie / Wardrobe c/o REV


Les Temps Perdu- Chanel in Cuba

I've been so excited and also nervous to show you guys these photos I shot for Chanel in Havana, of the Resort 2017 collection. I've never felt comfortable thinking of myself as a photographer (and still don't- something about it just makes me feel like a young girl trying on her mother's shoes) but getting these rolls of film back after my trip made me so happy and I don't think I've been proud of my work in a while. It might have nothing to do with my photos, as prosaic as that sounds, but having been in Havana Cuba with a bunch of great hardworking people for Chanel was insanely inspiring and I hope some of that energy somehow reverberated into my film camera because it was that magical. It was so surreal being in a city that is still living its history- something about the streets of Old Havana has stayed with me and I'm not quite sure how to put that into words. I'm so lucky to have spent a few sweaty and exhausting but unforgettable days with Angela (model and actress from Hong Kong) and the crew- thank you Olga and Chanel for letting me tag along to the city that time forgot. More photos to come.

Angela Yuen shot by me on a Canon AE-1 in Havana Cuba, wearing Chanel.