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Let me explain. 
A couple of months ago I finally admitted to myself that my drive to blog had long lost its vigour. It wasn't unenjoyable nor was it tedious, but the process no longer retained any sort of creative excitement for me; I'd fallen into a slump and realised that I needed a change. 'Fashiononymous' had become that really comfortable sweater I loved but no longer fit me right (trust me, I tried to think of other metaphors). That being said, nothing changed about my desire to put things online and share my photos and thoughts- I'd just felt as if I had outgrown my blog a little and it was no longer the best fit for the content I want to post. Quite a few months (and a lot of domain/HTML related breakdowns) later, everything is online, and I'm so excited to share it with you. There is so much I knew I wanted to do with this space- I hope to update more often, and with more posts that can reflect how I am feeling/ what I'm listening to/ what I'm wearing. It's a more personal space for me and I'm pretty stoked. Feel free to let me know in the comments what you'd like to see more of on here, I'd love to hear what you think (or what you ate for breakfast...anything is fine, really). 

Below is an editorial I shot with one of the most talented babes I know. Bryant is going places and we had so much fun shooting these outfits for you. This was our first time shooting in a studio together and I am so happy with the result- there is a behind the scenes video coming soon. Hope you have as much fun looking at the photos as we had shooting them. 

OUTFIT ONE: Topshop tee, Topshop culottes, American Apparel platforms, Kara bag
OUTFIT TWO: Topshop dress, Maje leather jacket, Lack of Colour hat, Adidas 'Superstars'
OUTFIT THREE: & Other Stories dress, Birkenstocks
OUTFIT FOUR: & Other Stories dress, Lack of Colour hat, Kara bag. 
OUTFIT FIVE: & Other Stories shirt and pants, Adidas Stan Smiths
OUTFIT SIX: Alexander Wang sweater, Stella McCartney shoes
OUTFIT SEVEN: Acne Studios blazer, Marques Almeida jeans, Adidas Stan Smiths
OUTFIT EIGHT: & Other Stories shirt and trousers, Adidas 'Superstars'
OUTFIT NINE: Asos faux-fur bomber jacket, & Other Stories cardigan, Alexander Wang trousers, American Apparel platforms, Caeden headphones

Shot by Bryant Lee, styled by both of us. You can see more of the photos on his site



  1. Absolutely love this editorial, Zoe! You and Bryant make a good team. Excited for what's to come in this space! Keep on keeping on, gurl. x


  2. I loveeeee this! The outft, the setting, the photography, and just every other details!

    Ps i had cereal for breakfast

    xx - www.thebisqueellephant.blogspot.com

  3. Zoe this is amazing! I'm absolutely digging all these outfits and studio shots which makes me so excited to see what you have install for this blog.

    Much love, Maggie
    Cosmicthread.blogspot.com Xx

  4. As fabulous as before or even more! Fell in love with your unique style again.
    p.s. I had some pancake this morning. *giggles*

  5. Your outfits are beautiful! Your website update is absolutely gorgeous, and in saying so I am looking forward to your upcoming video xx


  6. I'm lovin' lovin' lovin' it! Best post! Nice one Bry & Zo


  7. Now aren't you a sight for sore eyes!


  8. Awesome new design! and great shots!

    Kisses from www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  9. Awesome editorial - I loooove the outfit with the red quilted coat and white trousers ❤

  10. Super love this editorial, Zoe! Also, I frequently checking out Bryant's link to check out more photos of you and love the result; Especially, how you two makes a good team together. Looking forward to more post! Cheers! x


  11. It all looks so amazing!! Every outfit and every pose! LOVE. So happy that this project turned out well for you :)

  12. In love with every single shot and every editorial! You're so amazingly talented and pretty! Love the new blog!



  13. i really enjoy perusing through anything you and bryant work on together (you two make a really creative power team), it gives me so much inspiration!
    hope the new blog motivates you to carry on posting content as cool and awesome as this post!
    (i really enjoyed the edits!)


  14. Love your new blog layout! Been a follower for some time now, and I feel so inspired by your beauty and style that I drew you a couple of times in instagram (@carlacochua). I hope you don't mind if I keep drawing you. :)

    Good luck on your studies!

  15. this is probably one of my favourite post of yours! This made my day so much brighter
    school is just drowning me haha

  16. Great pics! You're so creative!! xx


  17. I love your new site and the change accompanied with it. You are such an inspirational and creative person which is why I love following your blog.

    x Liam

  18. your photos always look incredible and i love the new look of the site as well, can't wait to see what you come up with!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  19. These pictures are absolutely beautiful

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Keep doing your thing. I've always loved everything you post so go in whatever artistic direction you like :)

    Lazy Obsession

  21. Beautiful! Everything is so neat :)

  22. This editorial is incredible. You and Bryant both have so much talent and are going to do really well for yourself. I love the mix of figure hugging and really oversized items in these outfits.


  23. There are no words to describe how much I love this! It looks like it can actually belong inside a real print fashion magazine - Bryant is bloody brilliant! I also love how only you can make shapeless outfits and the most unique combinations a fashion masterpiece whilst I would probably look like a potato sack...love this to pieces and I'm also liking your blog re-vamp!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty & lifestyle

  24. Ohmygod! These pics are amazing! Love each and everyone of them!


  25. THIS IS AMAZING!!! (excuse the all caps)
    I'm glad that you found your passion for blogging again. can't wait to see more new stuff from you :)
    also, I wonder if you could do some posts on your food adventures? (hope you understand what I mean and I loooove food hehe)


  26. I love all the outfits and the shot omg! The Stella McCartney wedges are super adorable <3

    Big Dreamer

  27. So happy for you!
    Loving the layout of your new site and loving all of these outfits on you!
    Such great editing as well!


  28. I'm so glad you decided to stick around with blogging, because the online world would loose one of its best contributors if you quit (PLEASE don't quit, I love your photography/style/sense of humoure/everything/lol). And I had peanut butter jelly toast for breakfast :) x

  29. That's great Zoe !! The new theme and atmosphere is more mature and professional, and I think more interesting ! I'm tired of seeing only outfits in the street, with girls posing like models. And you're like the only one I follow that really do artistic photoshoots and that's great. You're a photographer and an artist too, so it's great you find the perfect harmony! ♥

    & I'm eating some eggs on rice toast right now!


  30. These photos are incredible, Zoe - Bryant did an amazing job for this artsy shoot! I'm so excited to see this new direction you're headed in, I'm sure it's the right one for you. Already I'm loving the look and feel of the new blog and I can't wait to see more posts, I hope this change reinvigorates your passion for blogging and that you continue to find inspiration everywhere!

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

  31. Loving the simplicity of your new blog layout and also the raw feels of the images. You and Bryant are just getting better and better! So stoked to see what's coming next from you!

  32. zoeee you are post got upgraded <3 inspirational!

  33. Love your new theme, Zoe! And I especially love this post. The effort you put into it is insane!

    - rocionaval.blogspot.com x

  34. I love the new design! It's modern and fresh. I love this photo set! I Just want you to continue posting your outfits and travel diarys cause I looove them!

    Hugs M

  35. I love the new image of your blog! and the editorial is amazing, it looks very professional!

    Fashionably Sparkly

  36. Love the new direction your blog is heading! As a 17 year old living between UK and HK and trying to start a blog, it's great to have someone to look up to as an inspiration. I'm in process of getting it off the ground so it would mean a lot if you could spare a moment to check it out!


  37. So happy that you will be updating more frequently and that you found your new direction!
    All the shots and outfits looks great!!

    Today I had a breakfast sandwich I made with pepper jack cheese, scrambled eggs, and black forest ham lol.


  38. i LOVE your space, whether it's fashiononymous or just simply Zoe Suen. can't wait for more updates!

  39. I love the graphics on these pictures. More posts like this would be nice :)


  40. Great styles, love all pics. Keep up the good work hun xxx

    Glam by BamBam

  41. I love all photos! Excellent photography <3


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