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There are only a few non-food/beverage related things I like better than shooting at home or in a studio, where you don't have to worry too much about light, or getting your stuff stolen, or getting hired last-minute as a pigeon's human toilet (the list goes on). Of course, its even better when said location is your own airbnb where you can retreat after a long day of museum-going in Amsterdam, and you are wearing great clothes by a talented young designer. Case in point, our 'Dutch Design Loft' in central Amsterdam, and garments by J.H. Zane...and to top it off, photos by my dad. I fell in love with Zane's attention to detail and unique construction...definitely one to look out for. This is one out of two posts where I'll be featuring the above combination and I am so excited to show you the rest! Hope you like the photos.

I'm wearing: 
Shirt and Culottes by J.H. ZANE
Shoes by Anne Thomas
Photos by my dad in our Amsterdam Airbnb

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  1. The garments look really great! Love the shots too. Your dad's a great photographer. x

  2. You're so awesome, Zoe! I'm always looking forward to your posts and videos. Xo from the Philippines!

    1. Aw thank you!! that's so nice of you :-))

  3. Beautiful photos Zoe! Your dad's a natural photographer :) quick question - how do you go about travelling with film cameras? Any advice/warnings about x-ray machines, putting it in hand baggage and all of that? Thanks in advance!

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

    1. Hey! I'm not 100% sure about whether the X-rays affect the film because once they came out funny but one of my friends said it was down to the place you get them developed at? I'd still be cautious and put them in my check-in luggage to be safe!! x

  4. That shirt is SO amazing!! Love these photos!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  5. Marvellous garments and great shots!

    ❤ Kisses from

  6. This shirt is just amazing and great photos!


  7. Your father took such great pictures!
    The outfit is absolutely stunning. I love it xx

    1. I'm glad you like them :-) thanks Duyen!! x

  8. Wow these photos are amazing. I love that shoulder detail. Just perfect.


  9. I wouldn't have been able to tell your dad took these photos! They came out wonderful!

    1. Aw haha well he works quite a bit with photography :-) cheers

  10. Wow your dad is awesome at taking photos. You look great as always (:


  11. Very beautiful~


    1. Thank you Michelle x

  12. you look so cool, Zoe! Nice outfit :)


  13. You are seriously pretty <333

    1. Aw thank you Sandy xx

  14. Honestly haha I can't believe your father is able to take such great photos! Lucky you! Haha every time I ask one of my parents to take my photos I struggle to find a photo that isn't blurry! hahaha
    Also, you are by far one the only people who can pull off that shirt so well! You look amazing!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad, a fashion + social action blog

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  17. Really lovely set of photos from your dad! The lights are just perfect. On another note, I really like your new layout for photos. It gives your post a little more editorial edge while keeping it casual. Looking forward to more post from you.

    Chir Wey

  18. This is so pretty! I really love the shirt, I haven't seen anything like it before (which I feel like is always rare).
    You're gorgeous as always x

    Theresa | Fashion to a T

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  20. Styling is awesome u look too cute!Love the fact that the pics are made indoors, the style suits u and the shirt is unusual but great!

    Greetings from London!



  21. I have always followed your instagram - love your artism images besides your cool cut style!

    Karina xoxo

  22. You look so cute on that shirt! <3

  23. zoeee, you are my all time favorite! The original from you was so amazing <3
    Hope i could meet you in pperson a day!

  24. you have such a rad blog. love it girl

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  25. What a beautiful father/daughter collab. Love that you work creatively with your dad, he's a great photographer. X

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  27. photoes are really amazing.
    Great wedding indeed! I will surely keep these in my mind!
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  32. i love these photos,and i think that they are art

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