Not really a big fan of dresses...why run the risk of flashing people and/or getting your hem stuck in your underwear when you can wear a pair of forgiving and comfortable boyfriend jeans (you can decide if I'm speaking from personal experience). But that being said, I had a chance to style a piece from BNKR and Cooper Davis' new collaboration and as a sort of impulse whim chose the 'Oracle Dress'- a number with badass shoulders, a cutout and the print (inspired by Japanese spirit art) to match. Hence, I stand corrected- wearing a dress can make you feel cool, rather than red-faced and hem-grabbing on public transport (London Underground winds I'm looking at you) (yes that happened) (only midi skirts from now on).

I'm wearing

Photographed by my sister Toni.



  1. In so much love with that cut-out on the back! While you and boyfriend jeans are a natural pair, I think you are pulling off this dress quite nicely!
    Also I think it's really interesting how differently cultures and people wear and play with patterns--I'm currently taking streetstyle photography in Iran for a book I'm hoping to publish next month and while us Persians dress really loudly and in bright and clashing colors and prints, I love how you made this print so delicate and minimal through your photography.
    You're absolutely stunning, per usual! x

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad, a fashion + social action blog

  2. I love the style of these pictures so much!

  3. Stunning as ever. Your posts are always flawless - I love the dress so much too!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  4. That dress is stunning! The cut-out in the back makes it twice as cool.
    I've had so many terrible experiences with dresses and skirts that just decided to fly away and show everyone my bum haha ^^ At least they turned into funny stories later!
    x Alona

  5. That dress is stunning, it's subtle but sophisticated ;)
    Haven't had any bad experiences with dresses/skirts (now i'm jinxing it hahaha)


  6. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially the cut out detail on the back! You take the most fiercest pictures as well :)


  7. Love how you style your wet hair with the dress <3


  8. Loving this post/blog. I love how you edit your pictures. xoxo

  9. Love the photos, great family genes running, your sister is so talented too!


  10. Hng-- the photography and editorial layout have such great aesthetic! That's what I love about your stuff Zoe, it never feels like 'just a fashion blogger' with you, you're an entity with soul!

    from likkie --


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