I guess I'm starting to blur the lines between laziness and nonchalance... that's what summer does to you when you can't be bothered to wear anything more than a slinky slip and sandals. Oh, and this Loveless bag by McQ which has become my vehicle of choice as of late. The perfect amalgamation of a tough-girl bag and utilitarian camera bag kind of deal, in which I can hold even the most ridiculous of summer necessities (yes, 3 rolls of film, a litre of water and a bag of Cheez-its are very much necessary). It also fills the shoes of that cool kid backpack you never had...remember how at one point your coolness in primary school was measured by how low you wore your backpack to avoid looking like a ninja turtle and probably not doing much for back and shoulder support? Reliving that with this bag and not complaining.

As far as life updates go, I've been interning for the past month (hence the blog hiatus) but hopefully I will be able to post more from now on...In other news, I have taken a new liking to hot yoga and muay thai, the latter of which has given me a bruise the size of Texas on my left shin though I would highly recommend both. I've also made my snapchat public (correction: finally gave in) and if you would like live updates of my dog you can help yourselves (or not, but my username is zosuen). 
Lastly, I've decided that I want to do so more with this platform and have been a little frustrated as to how to do it, so I'm asking you guys; think sustainability in fashion and women's rights. What would you guys like to see more of and how??? Help your girl out.

Wearing a dress by objects without meaning, McQ Loveless bag and Anne Thomas shoes. 

Shot by Hoi Cheung Wong.



  1. pretty as always :) And yes, backpacks are the best 'things keeper'

  2. You should definitely talk about sustainability and climate change! This topic is extremely important, but underrated in my opinion. It needs to be spread more in the "trendy" part of the internet as humanity is facing a new global crisis but there are not enough people who care about this.. especially we young people will have to think about how we have to change society and our consumption behaviour so that our children can live in a world where they do not have to flee the extreme weather conditions.
    I like the thought "There is no Planet B".. we have only one earth and one chance and we should do everything possible to combat climate change, especially since this is not only our planet but we are the ones destroying it, thus we have the responsibility to change something.
    We are all in this together and if we truly unite in this as one people (no borders, no differences as we all are affected by this) we can achieve a lot.

    - Paulina xoxo

  3. I like the idea of sustainable fashion. Every so often we watch the video hauls and are inspired to purchase trendy items without think twice. As a big fan of flea market and charity shops, I always love the concept of recycling. I think sustainability is not only connected with second-hand, but first-hand as well. Once I heard of something about vegan leather which is made of mushrooms, and I imagine it would be so cool to have comfy texture in hand without harming animals. I wonder if you have more fresh insights of anything with a #sustainablefashion? I would be more than happy to hear about them! Thank you Zoe, for always bring up cool ideas! I started bikram yoga last week also, it's amazing! may I ask how often do you practice per week? and now i'm looking into quay thai studios in my city, haha.


  4. I'm happy that you will have more blog posts frequently.


  5. Backpacks that fit all my "necessities" and look cool are always the struggle. Oh and I really do want to try hot yoga, it sounds pretty beaut <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Also yes I'd love to see more about sustainability and all that stuff. I've started changing my blog up towards that and I'd love more to read on the topic!

  6. Very nice post

  7. Nice post! I really miss your blog post and your sense of style so much! Love what you wear in here <3

  8. The bag is actually perfect for travelling! It's not too big but it seems to fit everything you need! and the design is really cool!

    Maria Pilar | Fashionably Sparkly

  9. Let's talk about sustainability in fashion! About how to choose wisely and what brands should do

  10. Let's talk about sustainability in fashion! About how to choose wisely and what brands should do

  11. some help/guides on how to afford sustainable fashion when i am a student with no income

  12. Hello Zoe, your words are always strung so uniquely when you write. Kudos to you! What are your thoughts about exploitation and underpayment of women, children, poor people etc who do the manual labor for generic fashion brands brands e.g. HM, Forever 21 etc?

  13. too skiny zoe, you must get some weight
    lucky patcher

  14. Just some ideas:

    Sustainability in fashion - think Stella McCartney and her firm belief in well designed fashion without harming the environment (fur free free, organic cotton)

    Women's rights - the suffragette movement in late 19th/early 20th centuries have inspired fashion. an example is the Marc by Marc AW15 runway collection:

  15. I think it would be awesome to talk about things like sustainability and feminism on this platform! I love your fashion and travel photo posts because you just capture another city in another country really well on film, but it would be awesome to hear someone from the millennial generation talk about issues that matter. And I would love to hear your thoughts on topics besides fashion & travel (in addition to!!)

  16. Hi Zoe! Do you think you can maybe spotlight/recommend stores known for offering sustainable clothing? (especially affordable ones)

  17. It would be great to talk about sustainability in fashion, such as encouraging thrifting, boycotting certain labels that exploit women and child labour, and like what the person above said about encouraging affordable fashion etc. I also know that many big brands encourage cultural appropriation (e.g. UO) and Zara recently plagiarized from an artist, which just shows how big corporations can be problematic and just plain bullies. It's not related to sustainability in fashion, but these are certain pertinent discussions that have recently popped up in the fashion world, and to use your platform to bring things like this to light is a very good idea and I'm so excited you're considering it!

    I think focusing on women would be absolutely brilliant. There are so many ways you could do this - you could talk about self-expression and why fashion is important to you as an individual, even though typically many magazines advertise clothes and encourage certain looks by telling women "THIS!! this is how you will gain approval of others, especially men, this is how you can look sexy for other people!!" It sort of ties in with how many beauty brands play on people's insecurities and desire to be loved and admired in order to sell their make-up. I think that the emergence of fashion bloggers recently has provided an alternative platform, one that encourages individuality and allows girls to feel proud of themselves for that, which is incredibly empowering.

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