Inside Chanel

Hidden in the outskirts of Paris and cloaked in the guise of a uniform, nondescript row of buildings are the ateliers of the names Maison Massaro, Maison Lesage, Maison Lognon and Maison Michel. I was lucky enough to visit on my trip with Chanel with Angela last month (You'll be seeing much more of her in the coming posts) and discover the artistry that humbly produces extraordinary works of art for Chanel.

In Maison Lognon we arrived in pleat heaven. The place is stockpiled with rolls of cardboard that secretly house yards of fabric that have been pleated to perfection. Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing a piece of tulle pressed between the templates and come out an accordion of intricate proportions, and trust me when I say that my description does the process no justice. I managed to catch this on video, so I'm excited to show you all that once its ready.

In Maison Michel (whose name probably rings a bell or two) we witnessed the crafting of one of their signature wool cat ear caps and how the shape of the hats (all made by hand) were moulded into seamless forms, from the boater to the panama. 

In Maison Lognon we saw a room filled with wooden moulds of very famous feet and lusted over the shoes that graced the runways of Chanel. The atelier is quiet and its artists work at an industrial pace but their masterpieces are nothing but intricate and perfect, from the leathers chosen to the stitching on the sole.

Maison Lesage is the home of François Lesage's embroidery and the famous Chanel camellia flowers.  Everything from feathers to sequins (to LED lights) are assembled by nimble hands and its hard to imagine the hours that go into making a large fabric seeing as even the camellia flowers take more than two hours on their own to bloom.

I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to have peeked behind the scenes, and the visits have heightened my appreciation for the hands that create the couture we have seen over the years. I'm excited to show you guys more photos from the trip, but bye until then!



  1. so lucky! can't wait for more blogposts from you! xx

  2. So amazing experience!

    Don't miss today on the blog my Urban-chic outfit with metallized pleated skirt...and wearing for the first time a pair of Italian design booties! ;)
    ❤Kisses from

  3. Looks amazing, and love these shots. The lighting is gorgeous.


  4. Great shots! I love the atmosphere in these pictures

  5. Cool!

  6. These are so nice!! Love to see your posts xx 😍😍

  7. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  8. How what how??? I'm so jealous! Looks amazing, can't wait for more posts.


  9. Cant wait for your next post :)

  10. This is just incredible, such a cool experience <3

    The Quirky Queer

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